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About Me

Hi, I’m Alice Jaeger and I’m currently studying the specialised BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting and Drawing at the University of Northampton. Here I have a selection of my current and past works. Throughout my university study, my practice has developed an interest into the domestic space and raises ideas surrounding the context of the everyday household, such as consumerism, personal connection to space and our identities. My earlier work involved an array of different materials and mediums. My current work uses ink drawn by dip pen, watercolour and watercolour markers. 

Exhibitions / Upcoming Exhibitions 

Sleeping Visions- Knapp Gallery, Regent’s Park London 2022

Constellate- Vulcan Works, Northampton 2022

Royal Watercolour Society Open 2023- Bankside Gallery London 2023

Royal Institute of Painters in water Colours 211th Exhibition- Mall Galleries London 2023

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